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Who are we working with?

These are some of the world-class jazz musicians we are working with and bringing to Sitka Jazz Week. They have made it a priority to join us and pouring their knowledge and experience into each student.

We are so appreciative of their time and effort to come to Sitka and partner with us. Check out their music, websites, and socials to learn more about each of them and all they have to offer each person at Sitka Jazz Week.


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Grammy-nominated professional Jazz Bass player and songwriter.

Christian Fabian

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World-renown jazz drummer who has played with some of the most famous jazz singers and musicians of all-time.

Bernard Purdie

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Incredible pianist and teacher, crazy good!

Matt King

Professional Jazz Singer, musician, and music teacher.

Heather Gluth

World-class saxophone, flute, and clarinet player.

Cleave Guyton Jr.

Extremely talented and creative jazz trio from Ketchikan, AK. Formally the Austin Hays Trio

The Gateway Trio

Master vibist, marimbist, percussionist, composer and educator.

John Damberg

We are excited to partner with John Damberg and the incredible team at AK Jazz Workshop. This partnership will provide excellent opportunities for our students during and beyond Sitka Jazz Week.

Alaska Jazz Workshop

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